Exam 3 will be Tuesday, March 24, at the regular class time in the regular classroom.

The test will cover Chapter 7, Chapter 10, and Chapter 11 from the course pack.

We will use the same procedure for Test 3 that we used for Tests 1 and 2, with the following clarification concerning presentation of answers:

You will not be permitted to use a calculator. Answers that involve "e" or logarithmic expressions can be left using the logarithmic notation unless the simplification for them is trivial. For example, we will accept "ln 4" as an answer, but not "ln 1". We will accept "e^3" as an answer, but not "2^3". We will accept "log (base 3) 15" as an answer, but not "log (base 3) 1/9". Any logarithm that you write using "ln" will be assumed to be the natural logarithm (base 'e'). Any logarithm that you write using "log" will be assumed to be the common logarithm (base 10). If you want any other base be sure you WRITE it. If you write "log 8 = 3" it will be considered very wrong because 10^3 is not 8....no matter that you MEANT base 2 and 2^3 is 8.

This test is worth 150 course points. The letter grade interpretation of the scaled score for this test is the same as that used for Tests 1 and 2.

A reminder that the withdraw/grade option change deadline is Tuesday, March 31 (a week after this test). Please speak with your instructor if you are concerned about your progress in the course.

ATTENTION ATTENTION!!! READ "Final Exam" FOR INFORMATION ON HANDLING FINAL EXAM CONFLICTS. The deadline for requesting a rescheduling of your final exam is Friday, April 24. Requests made after that date will not be accommodated.