MATH 220 - Calculus for Business and Management
        Supplemental Materials

Below you will find links to worksheets and videos that align roughly with each section in the textbook. They may aid in your understanding of the material. Watching the videos and completing the worksheets is optional, unless specified otherwise by your instructor. However you use them, do NOT consider the worksheets a substitute for doing and understanding the homework problems in the textbook, and do NOT consider the videos an ample substitute for attending class.

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1 Worksheet 1 None
2 Worksheet 3
Worksheet 4
Worksheet 8
Worksheet 9 (only first 3 exercises)
Exponent Rules
Negative/Fractional Powers
Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
The Quadratic Formula
Composition of Functions
Decomposition of One Function
Decomposition of a Second Function
Evaluating and Graphing Piecewise Functions
3 Worksheet 2 None
4 Worksheet 5 and 6 Graphing Exponential Functions
Solving Exponential Equations
Introduction to Logarithms
Inverse Properties of Exp/Log
Properties of Logarithms
Using Inverses to Solve Equations
Change of Base
5 Worksheet 7 Annual Compound Interest Formula
Compounding More Than Once Per Year
Formula for Continuous Compounding
Effective Interest Rate
6 Worksheets 10 and 11 Finite Limits: Polynomials and Rational Functions
Practice for Finite Limits
Right/Left Limits of Type #/0
Graphs of such functions
Limits of Piecewise Functions
Limits of Piecewise Functions (part 2)
Limits of Rational Functions (DNE)
Limits of Rational Functions (Zero)
Limits of Rational Functions (Ratio of Coefficients)
Limits Involving a Square Root
9 Worksheet 9 (Exercise 4 only) Continuity of Piecewise Functions
20 Worksheet 12 Horizontal Asymptotes
7 Worksheet 13 None
8 Worksheet 13 Definition of Derivative Derivation
Derivatives Using the Limit Definition
10 Worksheet 14
Worksheet 19
Basic Derivatives and Power Rule
Product Rule
Quotient Rule
11 Worksheet 15
Worksheet 16
Demonstration of Chain Rule (Part 1)
Demonstration of Chain Rule (Part 2)
Chain Rule Example with Roots
Chain Rule Example with e
Derivatives of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
12 Worksheet 17 Derivatives Using Leibniz Notation
Higher-Order Derivatives (Part 1)
Higher-Order Derivatives (Part 2)
Rectilinear Motion
Marginal Values and Estimating Changes
13 Worksheet 20 Implicit Differentiation
Second Derivative Example
14 Worksheets 21 and 22 Explaining Related Rates Problems
Solving Related Rates Problems
15 None None
16 Worksheet 18 Average and Instantaneous Rates of Change
Mean Value Theorem
Intermediate Value Theorem Example
17-21 (Curve Sketching) Worksheets 23, 24, and 25
Worksheet 26
Finding the Domain
Horizontal Asymptotes Explained
Limits and Vertical Asymptotes
Intercepts of Rational Functions
Graphing Using First Derivative (Part 1)
Graphing Using First Derivative (Part 2)
Graphing Using Second Derivative
Curve Sketching Using a Chart
Graph Sketching Summary
Finding Signs of Derivatives
First Derivative Test for Relative Extrema
Second Derivative Test for Relative Extrema
22 Worksheet 27 Finding Absolute Extrema
23 Worksheet 28
Worksheet 30
Maximizing Profit
Maximizing Area
Minimizing Cost
24 Worksheet 29 Elasticity Part 1
Elasticity Part 2
25 Worksheet 40 Solving Equations with 2 Variables
Solving Equations with 3 Variables
26 Worksheets 41 and 42 Functions of Two Variables
27 Worksheets 41 and 42 First-Order Partial Derivatives
Second-Order Partial Derivatives
28 Worksheet 43 Locating Local Extrema
29 Worksheets 44 and 45 Lagrange Multipliers
30 Worksheet 31 Indefinite Integrals
Integrals of 1/x Type
Position/Velocity/Acceleration 1
Position/Velocity/Acceleration 2
31 Worksheet 32 Substitution Method
Simple Substitution Problems
Substitution Example
32 Worksheet 33
Worksheet 34
Introduction to Integration by Parts
Monomial-Logarithm Example
Integration by Parts Twice
33 Worksheet 35 Finding a Definite Integral
Definite Integral with Substitution
Definite Integral by Parts
34 Worksheets 36 and 37 Definite Integrals and Area
Negative (signed) Area
Area Between Curve and x-axis Crossing axis
Area Between Two Curves
35 Worksheet 38 Average Value
Review of One-Time Investment, Future Value
Review: Present Value
Present Value of Continuous Investment
36 Worksheet 39 Improper Integral Example 1
Improper Integral Example 2